The economic timing of Dining Alliance Boston is perfect. We have tended to be so insulated and secretive about what we buy from whom.

John F. Noonan
Clarke's at Faneuil Hall, Boston MA

The Nation's Leading Foodservice Partnership

Dining Alliance is the leading foodservice partnership in the industry with over 18,000 locations and over $12 billion in buying power.  Dining Alliance pools the buying power of foodservice operators, such as casino's, schools, restaurants, ski resorts, country clubs, nursing homes, B&I, etc to drive down food cost.

The foodservice industry is rapidly changing. For the past 15 years Dining Alliance has been a driving force for positive change, working aggressively to put more profits to the bottom line of our member and drive more volume to our contracted suppliers.

There are many GPO's in the foodservice industry but few can even compare with Dining Alliance for the following reasons:

- Our over $12 Billion in buying power
- Our experienced team of over 70 people
- Our technology that drives compliance and real time data
- Our Field Team of Member Consultants in all markets
- Our Marketing Team makes sure members are on all programs
- Our Compliance and Rebate Reporting 

Strength in Numbers

Anyone in the foodservice industry knows that there is strength in numbers. As your operation and the number of units have grown, it's almost certain that your rebates, and contracts have gotten better. As Dining Alliance has grown, we have driven even greater volume to our contracted suppliers and in turn they have rewarded our members with better prices and rebates. All parties benefit from the unity of the group!







Dining Alliance employs some of the best and most advanced technology in the industry to track and collect rebates and ensure pricing accuracy. Members will be provided with detailed reports that will help them run their businesses better.  Our technology is constantly making sure that members receive accurate prices and don’t miss out on any rebates or deviated prices.

Regional Power

Dining Alliance is bringing together the best and the brightest operators to form one of the largest foodservice buying organizations in the country.The foodservice business is still very regionalized. On a local level, Dining Alliance members working together can have more regional purchasing power than any national chain!