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We have been buying produce, dry goods and meat through Dining Alliance for over a year now. It is an alliance of restaurants with incredible purchasing power. The saving we are seeing are very impressive, especially in produce at this time of year. Dining Alliance works by contracting with purveyors and building in prices over a year at a time… right now we are saving .00 a case on tomatoes alone. The program is very flexible so you can buy a full range of items including paper goods or pick and choose the purchases that are best for you. For example, we do not use them for seafood purchases.
Jasper White
Dining Alliance provides a seamless way for foodservice operators to drain cost out of their operating expense without impacting their guests. It’s a no-cost, no-risk proposition. As a purchasing professional I tackle the biggest rocks in the sandbox every day, most often it’s the biggest ones that catch the most attention. Dining Alliance is a terrific resource because their system catches ALL the rocks.
Matt Kremzar
Bobby Cox, Dallas TX
The timing of Dining Alliance coming to Boston was excellent due to this sort of choppy, funny economic situation we are in right now. You find it is pretty hard to increase the foot traffic to your building. With that said, our costs are driving upward. There are really only two cards left in the deck; your labor costs and your costs of goods sold. I think that is why so many operator/owners are embracing the Dining Alliance because it has really given us the chance to control some cost increases. We do not want to increase our prices. Dining Alliance has given us the ability to keep our prices in check. Other independents that haven’t seen the Dining Alliance experience are being forced to increase their prices and you have to be careful increasing prices because your customer will start to perceive you differently.
Greg McDonald
With the help of the Dining Alliance, we will be saving money on purchases we already make for our restaurants. Their organization not only negotiates contracts on our behalf but audits the vendors to make sure they are in compliance. This will mean thousands of dollars in savings for us.
Louis Basile
In these trying times for the foodservice industry, and the economy as a whole, it has been a pleasure to be associated with such a dedicated group of individuals that make up the Dining Alliance. Since becoming a member in the Boston area we, as a company (Eight Restaurants), have made savings in the tens of thousands of dollars and continue to make savings on a daily basis. The Dining Alliance works tirelessly to get the independent restaurateur the best possible pricing across the multitude of products we all need to remain competitive in these tough economic times and beyond. By banding together the independent restaurateurs of America will have a voice that can be more powerful than the chains and receive competitive pricing that we can pass on to our customers.
Paul Wilson
When you try to compete with all of the chains coming into the market place, whatever you can do to strengthen your position along with everybody else in that area, you do. Because of the number of people that Dining Alliance brings together, you get more security within that structure.
Joe Salvatore
The Dining Alliance purchasing programs offer me well over 0,000 dollars in savings per year and the peace of mind knowing that I am on contract prices and my sales representatives have no control over my prices.
Anthony Daniele
Dining Alliance offers a wonderful opportunity for the independent restaurateur to receive some of the same purchasing deals that the large chains enjoy everyday. When we join together, our combined purchases equal significant buying power! I can’t think of a reason that any independent restaurant would not want to become part of Dining Alliance. I was proud to be the first Pennsylvania member and hope and expect that the success Dining Alliance has enjoyed in New York State will be duplicated throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Kevin Joyce
The Carlton, Pittsburgh PA