When you try to compete with all of the chains coming into the market place, whatever you can do to strengthen your position along with everybody else in that area, you do. Because of the number of people that Dining Alliance brings together, you get more security within that structure.

Joe Salvatore
Salvatore's Italian Gardens, Buffalo, NY

The Dining Alliance purchasing programs offer me well over $100,000 dollars in savings per year and the piece of mind knowing that I am on contract prices and my sales representatives have no control over my prices.

Anthony Daniele
Mario's Via Abruzzi & Bazil, Rochester NY

Dining Alliance offers a wonderful opportunity for the independent restaurateur to receive some of the same purchasing deals that the large chains enjoy everyday. When we join together, our combined purchases equal significant buying power! I can’t think of a reason that any independent restaurant would not want to become part of Dining Alliance. I was proud to be the first Pennsylvania member and hope and expect that the success Dining Alliance has enjoyed in New York State will be duplicated throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Kevin Joyce
The Carlton, Pittsburgh PA