What is a GPO?

As a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Dining Alliance’s mission is to make our members more profitable by offering them access to benefits and purchasing power that would not otherwise be available to them. GPO’s have been around for a long time in the healthcare and construction trades, and are on the rise for the food service industry. GPO growth in the independent restaurant sector has increased rapidly since 2013 and data suggests that this trend should continue. As the nation’s largest GPO for Independent Restaurant Operators, Dining Alliance plays a vital role in solidifying a competitive position for local restaurants.

Our members have the opportunity take advantage of a wide array of benefits including pricing contracts, savings programs, employee perk programs and marketing opportunities.

The Dining Alliance Story

Dining Alliance was built on a foundation of solving problems for restaurants. We ask real restaurateurs to share their greatest challenges and develop programs and services that enable their success.

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Today Dining Alliance has over 60,000 members in all 50 states and a combined purchasing power of over $12 Billion.

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