Restaurant Technologies is the leading provider of cooking-oil management to more than 25,000 customers nationwide.


Restaurant Technologies helps food service operators make their kitchens safer, smarter, more efficient and more sustainable through its automated oil storage, handling, filtration monitoring and disposal management solutions.


Advantages & Benefits
  • Eliminate labor-intensive oil handling or long transfers across property.
  • Reduce employee exposure to hot oil to reduce serious injury frequency (SIF).
  • Reduce slips, falls, burns and associated worker’s compensation claims to reduce employee injury frequency (EIF).
  • Encourage more diligent filtering to improve food quality.
  • Support employee retention and engagement by providing a safer, cleaner, more efficient kitchen.
  • Reduce non-organic waste and carbon footprint by eliminating thousands of pounds of waste corrugate and plastic JIB packaging.
  • Support diversity and inclusion by providing a reasonable accommodation for a difficult back of house task for employees with disabilities.
Product Categories
  • Total Oil Management
  • Portable Oil Solutions
  • Fryer Filtration Monitoring

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